Inam Kariyandal Village & Post, Vellore Road, Tiruvannamalai – 606604

  • PHONE:

    04175 – 233263 / 232822



• Excellence in academics that inspires a sprit of enquiry.

• Physical fitness promoted through a programme of excercise, games and yoga.

• Aesthetic expression achieved through exposure to arts, music and dance (both Western & Indian).

• Competence in communication nurtured through activities in the class room as well as on the stage.

• Value education that instills in children a firmly established identity and a keen sense of social awareness.

• Self esteem developed through a variety of co-curricular activities where each student discovers his / her particular strength.

• Skills of social interaction developed through student self - governance.

• Preparation for professional life after school, by enabling the pupils to acquire the tools and qualifications necessary for entry into skilled occupations and professions.

A Few Salient Features Of The School

• The strength of each class is kept to a manageable number, ensuring individual attention for each child.

• All teachers are suitably qualified, trained and experienced. They are continuously put through various capacity building trainings and workshops to keep them abreast with the advances in not only their subject areas, but also in pedagogy.

• Students learn with interest by observing, exploring and exchanging their findings with teachers and friends. These carefully designed activities are closely monitored and make learning a rewarding process.

• The school has a counseling centre where a qualified professional counselor caters to the emotional needs of the child.

• The school also has career guidance cell to furnish adequate information about the various study and career options available.

• The school has qualified and experienced special educators who cater to children with special needs by identifying and evaluating their needs and taking the necessary steps for remedial work.

• A comprehensive communication network is established by the school with every parent through and SMS alerts.