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School Rules

School Rules

1. The handbook must be brought to school everyday.

2. Every students is expected to help in keeping the school premises, classrooms neat and clean.

3. Students must take care of their personal belongings.

4. No student shall leave the school premises during the working hours on their own. In case of any necessity the parent / guardian should meet the Principal / Headmistress with a written request and take the child from the school.

5. Damaging the school property like furniture, scribbling on walls etc., will be penalished.

6. Irregular attendance, persistent idleness and misbehaviour in school, are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of the pupil.

7. No student should be absent without sending a proper leave letter to the class teacher.

8. English is the medium of communication eithin the premises of the school. No one should be found in any conversation in the vernacular.

Dress Code

1.Students must come to school in full uniform on all working days.

2.No ornaments are to be worn by the students.

3.Girls with long hair must have their hair plaited and secured with black rubber bands or ribbons. Those with short hair are permitted to use only black hair bands and black slides. Boys are expected to have their hair cut regularly.